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an interesting dilemma
some people would say i'm lucky to have the problem i do.
oh, those boys, boys, boys.
i met him at swimming, back in the middle of july. i fell so hard.
we became good friends. we liked each other.
some people say im lucky i have someone that its so hard to say goodbye to, someone who i love and who cares about me, and who's not just a "crush" but a friend. but he's gone, he went home after the summer, and i never got to say goodbye.
but i dont.
sorry to anyone who's reading this. and i'm trying really hard to use proper grammar, too.
and of course after a summer of just him, just brian, two other guys pop up right after he leaves. one is a boy that my friend jess likes, his name is tray, and i work with him, but i just met him yesterday. he patted me on the dad's called the cops on him before...he's a swimmer...he's a really cool guy, and i would go for him if
a) my dad didn't hate him
b) jess didn't like him
c) i didn't still love and miss brian so much
and then nick pops up again. nick and i were flirting at the beginning of the summer, then lost touch around the same time brian came into my life-coincidence, no. but i need a date for homecoming and nick looks like a good option. and we're talking again. the day after i meet tray.
it been almost two weeks since ive seen brian. i can barely handle it. how will i wait until next summer?
sorry to burden anyone who's reading this with my stupid emotional baggage. im just really upset and confused-the only person who's been willing to listen is my friend chris, who i basically dumped the whole sob story on last night while he tried to give me advice.
so, if you have anything to say, anything at all...just comment. message, whatever.
good night


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