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six days
left of summer, that is.
i feel like when summer ends, brian will be officially gone.
even though i havent seen him since august 5th. i talked to him friday night, though. and he hardly ever seems to be online now, maybe hes been really busy, i dunno. we talked for like an hour, and i miss him. a lot.
i have to go shower soon but whatever.
you know what else i miss? working at kaplers. i miss when me and sharon used to be friends, and i miss getting free gummi burgers and orange & cream jones soda and ginger ale. i miss the dungeon and i miss the reigster and "do you need a bag?" i miss cleaning the toy aisle, i miss orders that towered to the ceiling, i miss the dumpster full of cardboard boxes, i miss the shed. i miss when the three of us stocked the personal hygiene aisle and walked around carrying giant boxes of trojans. i miss the smell of the overstock drawers in the hair aisle. i miss the yankeee candle display and the coffee machines in the front of the store. i miss the sunscreen all lined up. i miss mrs. temple and mrs. b and mrs. kelly and carol and barb.
i miss last summer.
and brian.
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*waves from NaNo*

I've always been a boy-complainer too. That is not a valid hyphenated word but you know what I mean.

They always disappear when you think about them most, don't they?

yay a nano person! lol. i hardly ever write in here but when i do...its whining about guys? im really annoying when it comes to guys. and yes i have to agree with the disappearing thing :(

Don't feel bad about being whiney about boys...I'm guilty of it too. Let's just say my guy is married...with children...around my age. *shoots self* ha anyways if you want to whine together, chata bout NaNo or anything else feel free to add me :)

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